DPC Refinish Systems - Performance Coatings
Refinish Systems
Professional for Professionals

Products for Vehicle Repair

Waterborne coating systems, high solid and very high solid materials point the way for development in automotive refinishes. Our goal is to provide our customers in the vehicle coating trade with worldwide recognized technological expertise and varied consulting in this product range.

Priming Materials

  • Filling, drawing, spray and brushing fillers, primer, primer filler, medium-solid, high-solid and very high-solid fillers, waterborne filler and primer are available.

Topcoat Systems

  • 2K acrylic-based automotive coating, solid-color and metallic coatings, one-coat and two-coat systems, medium-solid and high-solid topcoats, waterborne basecoats and topcoats

Mixed Coating Systems

  • Formulations for 28,000 serial colors and special colors
  • Coating systems
  • Coatings for plastics
  • Design and effect coatings and accessories for paint shops
  • This sector offers a comprehensive range of services with efficient brand distribution companies
  • Product and application-specific courses and training in up-to-date information and training centers
  • Special business' seminars for paint shops