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About Powder Coatings

Powder Coatings is with 20 production sites in 16 countries one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologically sophisticated and ecologically advanced powder coatings systems.

We are committed to offer our customers innovative coating solutions, which combine optimal corrosion protection with a strong aesthetic appeal. Powder Coatings is the clear market leader in Architectural, Automotive, Functional and Industrial Powders as well as in introducing innovative coating technologies such as UV-cure, NIR cure, acrylics, ultra-low back and thin film powder coatings.

Product Range

To our customers Powder Coatings offers a complete product range including incorporates, polyurethane, acrylic and thermoplastic polymers.

Polymer Powders
Conventional powder coatings based on epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester
Functional thermosetting-powders for pipes
Products at key segments & technologies of the thermosetting powder coatings market
  Automotive powder coatings
  Architectural powder coatings
  Powder coatings for coil
  UV-cure powder coatings
  Near-Infra-Red powder coatings
  Ultra-Low Bake powder coatings