Industrial Coatings - Performance Coatings
Industrial Coatings
Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of high-quality liquid coatings for industrial OEM application as well as consulting and technical service for tailor-made branch solutions.

The business segment focuses on six product ranges:

Coatings for plastic surfaces
Versatile products for coating plastic parts on and in automobiles

Coatings for metal surfaces
Tailor-made coating systems for automobile parts' suppliers, for construction and agricultural machinery, for the barrel-making industry, the machinery and equipment industry as well as the pressed metal industry

Electrodeposition coatings
Primers or one-layer coatings for automobile accessories, agricultural machinery, construction elements and radiators

Herberts® Electro
Wire enamels and electro impregnating agents for the highest electrical, thermal and mechanical demands

Special adhesives
Profitable and innovative automotive adhesives used in the manufacture of automobile interior parts and laminating adhesives for the packaging industry

Protective coatings
Products for corrosion protection and building preservation as well as for coatings for rails cars