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Product overview
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In one word: You never coat alone!
Electrodip Coatings

offers a wide range of electrocoat products. E-Coat users and those planning to introduce electrocoat can chose from a wide variety of well-introduced and praxis-proven products to exactly meet their requirements.

The Cormax-type cathodic epoxies, the Aqua~EC cathodic epoxies as well as Aqua~AED anodic systems are recognized as the most cost efficient in the market place, combined with high quality and very low environmental impact all over the world.

All currrent E-Coats are lead- and chrome-free following an iron-clad house rule.

Our mission is to assist potential E-Coat users right from the day the project is born with

  • a ´prior to the project´consulting,

  • help through the planning phase,

  • supply the best product for the special application,

  • then service the E-Coat through our team of experienced field-technicians

  • and analytically follow the process by means of a central or local E-Coat laboratory.

In one word: You never coat alone!