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Product overview


Aqua~AED 400 Praxis proven one-component anodic electrocoat based on polyester resins. Dialysis-free, any colour availabe, heavy metal free, high performance
Aqua~AED 600 2-component anodic E-Coat, extremely high throwing power, dialysis-free very low solvent, colour stable, low emissions, latest anodic technology
Aqua~EC 1000 One component low cure cathodic expoxy, 120°C and 140°C. Special E-Coat for applications when thermo-sensitive parts are attached to the substrate.
Aqua~EC 2000 Universal cathodic epoxy with excellent corrosion protection, low bake and vari-build formulations, passes all specs of European car producers
Aqua~EC 3000 Latest Bithmut epoxy-technology, tin and lead-free, low density, low cure, HAPS-free, low VOC, extreme corrosion protection, low environmental impact.
Cormax III US version of EC 2000, widely used standard expoxy system, high flex, easy to use, all approvals, very good corrosion protection
Cormax IV High edge protection cathodic epoxy, low VOC, high flexibility, all approvals

Cormax VIII HAPS-free, high edge, ideal to be used as primer for E-Coat+Powder systems
High performance acrylic cathodic E-Coat, best gloss retention available in
Europe, superior corrosion protection, ideal for monolayer applications. D2330 with reduced solvent formulated as 2 component system.
Aqua~EC Clear Highly transparent, clear CED for protection of brass substrates.