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Product overview of coatings for plastic automobile components
Products for automotive plastic components.
Exterior and interior

Product overview of coatings for plastic automobile components
Industrial Coatings provides a number of products for coating plastic surfaces in its product range "Coatings for plastics". The focus of work in this field is on coating vehicle interiors as well as exterior parts. Another area is coatings for sports articles, in particular UV-curing materials for example ski coating.

All around automobiles
Today, there are an increasingly number of plastic parts in and on automobiles . These high-quality substrates are protected with special coating systems as offered in the coatings for plastic surfaces range from Industrial Coatings, the leading supplier in this market segment. Plastic exterior parts can be coated in a variety of colors matching the automobile color. The plastic parts used in interiors can also be optically enhanced with various effects. One particular specialty is ®Aqua Deco Soft, which not only provides color and protection but also ensures the right touch with its "special feel" effect.

Products for automotive plastic components.
Exterior and interior

Solventbased primers
The product range includes solventbased 1K- or 2K-primers for almost any plastic substrate. Most products can be supplied lightgrey pigmented or in other colours requested. For electrostatical topcoating electrically conductive primers are available. Industrial Coatings offers primers that are suitable for a range of plastics typically processed in paintplants in combined series. Even plastics that are considered difficult to coat like TPO (PP-EPDM) often can be painted without chemical pretreatment. System aprovals granted by almost the entire automotive industry worldwide.

Waterbased primers
s products range from 2K-conductive or nonconductive primers for ABS, PC-PBT, flamed or plasma treated TPO and many others to primers with adhesion on unpretreated TPO that is able to compensate for flaming errors on complicatedly shaped parts.

Solventbased basecoats
Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of automotive colours. The special 2K-basecoats with adhesion on TPO allows for eliminating primer process step.

Waterbased basecoats
Steadily growing number of colours is available in metallic-, pearl- und solid colours.

2K-clearcoats range from high flexible for bumpers to hard versions for decorative componentes. High gloss, semigloss or lowgloss versions are available. Special grades are 2K- systems for galvanised, decor-printed plastics. UV curing clearcoat for many special applications. Experimental waterbased clearcoat.

Solventbased and waterbased semi- or lowgloss coatings for exterior components are offered as well as waterbased interior Softcoating Aqua Deko Soft.